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Two By Two Lagotto COVID-19 Response and Statement

We know it seems like the perfect time for a puppy right now, but consideration must be given to procuring veterinary care, grooming, and adequate socialization during the COVID crisis since many businesses are closed or have minimal services/hours. And now transportation is being impacted. Additionally, with many retailers even having difficulty getting dog food in stock, thoughtful preparation is taking longer. Please use this time to find a reputable breeder, one who adequately plans for each and every puppy by screening homes and preparing new owners, sometimes before even breeding a litter. We caution the puppy buyer against puppy sellers who have puppies ‘in stock’ now.  We are business as usual here and look forward to educating you about Lagotto, our future litters, and how to properly prepare for puppy which can take months. Stay safe and healthy!

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AKC Lagotto Breeder of Merit

Two by Two Lagotto is a small-scale “kennel” and AKC Breeder of Merit, breeding Champion Lagotto Romagnolo show dogs, companion animals, and truffle dogs in north Georgia. There is a reason we were recently named one of the best breeders in the country by PupVine - we only have a few litters every year so that we can spend the right amount of time training, raising, showing, and working our dogs.


We DO NOT sell over the internet - this site is for educational purposes only. We typically have a six to twelve-month waitlist and work hard to match the right dog to each of our clients.

We ARE NOT selling show or breeding prospects at this time. We are focused on building our foundation and providing the best companion puppies to approved homes. 


There are many reasons to buy from a show breeder, even if you are looking for an adorable hypoallergenic family companion dog instead of a truffle dog. Two by Two Lagotto is known for providing amazing dogs and all of our puppies receive 10 to 12-weeks of foundation training. In addition, all of our clients have access to our custom training guide and lifetime access to our Online Training Course as well as our Training Calls, ensuring you will be prepared for your new puppy and will raise a dog that will represent the best the breed has to offer. 

If you have any questions, please contact us!

~ Sonia, Robert, Noah, and Selah


Lagotto Romagnolo is an ancient breed of water retrieving dogs from the lowlands of Comacchio and the marshlands of Ravenna. Over the centuries, the great marshlands were drained and turned into arable land. Subsequently, the Lagotto changed from being a water dog to an excellent dog for searching for truffles in the flat open country and the hills of Romagna.

Click here to learn more about their unique characteristics! 


The best of the best, intentionally well bred!



EVERY TWO BY TWO CLIENT receives a puppy who has undergone our 10-12 weeks foundation training.
We also provide all of our clients with our exclusive Training Guide, lifetime access to Online Training Course  - designed by Two By Two to be just what each family needs to confidently move forward with their puppy, no matter what age they are when they come home - and 24-7 access to Sonia who has spent her lifetime training dogs and training her clients to train their dogs.

WE ALSO OFFER add-on board-to-train services in 4-week increments for an additional fee. These extended training packages are perfect for families who desire a puppy, but need the services of a reputable trainer to guide them and their puppy further through puppyhood.

Whether you choose to take your puppy home at 10-12 weeks, 16 weeks or 24 weeks, Sonia is thorough, eager to help, and able to share her knowledge for puppy rearing success. All training material is specific to Lagotto including healthcare and wellness, feeding and nutrition, training and house breaking, shopping and product selection, grooming, among other topics.

Interested in a Two By Two Lagotto puppy?

Fill out our no obligation Application/Questionnaire here to start the process and we will be in touch soon! 


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