Preferred Products

Please Note: We use Amazon Affiliate links when applicable and donate the proceeds to our large animal rescue team.


Sky Kennel or Aspen Pet Porter for puppies under 20 lbs

Petmate Ultra Vari or Aspen Pet Porter for puppies over 20 lbs

Petmate Ultra Vari or Aspen Pet Porter for full grown Lagotto

Other crate options for CRATE trained older Lagotto:

Wood & Wire Dog Crate

Foldable Travel Kennel

Litter Training


Food and Nutrition

Ceramic bowl
Stainless dog dish 

PROPLAN  30/20 for dogs of all ages
Royal Canin Puppy Medium (this is an alternative to Proplan)
Royal Canin Adult Medium (this is an alternative to Proplan)



Call 800-474-7044

and use Order Code: 58945


Long Trainer
Flat buckle
or snap collar
Place training elevated pet bed and/or Kuranda dog bed (get a 35x23 size and indoor/outdoor use for any style/material)

Oral-B Pulsar 3d Toothbrush for desensitization training for your puppy. Every puppy owner needs to purchase this.

Treats & Toys

Parasite Prevention

Frontline Plus for dogs up to 22 lbs
Frontline Plus for dogs 22-44 lbs
Interceptor Plus or Advantage Multi


(Note: The higher the price the better the quality, but start with a basic set for home use in between grooms. If you decide to groom yourself more or all together, you can purchase a better set also listed below)

Clippers & 7FC & 4FC & Clipper comb set or Cordless Clipper & Wahl combs & Wahl 5-in-1
Scissors starter Set
or Scissors professional Set
German Straight Comb
Slicker Brush
Pin Brush
Toe Nail Clippers
Styptic Solution
Nail grinder
Blunt tip scissors
Grooming table

Puppy or pH balanced shampoo (Use code 58945)
Forced air dryer

Miscellaneous Items