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The Lagotto Breed

 At Two By Two, we strive for a Lagotto that is in keeping with the standard. What does that mean for the average companion owner? It means we have done everything in our power to execute a breeding program that encompasses what we want in a puppy – a healthy, happy, good natured, well adjusted, easily trainable, energetic but not hyper, fun loving, hypoallergenic / allergy-free dog. In a nut shell, the best the dog can be. And while all the words in the Standard below outline what a Lagotto should look like, we believe it must be accompanied by health and temperament. Marry all these things and that is what you want in a Lagotto Breeder…someone who incorporated all these things into the wonderful Lagotto. Lagotto in America are gaining popluarity due to their curly coat (which is known to be hypoallergenic), size, demeanor, and trainability as well as their fun loving attitude, rustic and outdoorsy nature, and their loving loyalty. They are an excellent family companion that are very intuitive about children. They can also be great hunting dogs, as they are used for truffle hunting throughout the world. They do well in a number of environments.

Below is the Lagotto Club Standard also adopted by AKC.

NOTE – Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

Above content translated by – Antonio Morsiani, Renée Sporre-Willes, Dr. J.M. Paschoud & Prof. R. Triquet.

NOTE – Words placed in normal brackets (…….) are in the Standard.
– Words placed in square brackets [……] are explanations or alternative translations. - Mrs. Ann Mitchell, AKC Breed Standards Co-Ordinator.

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